Give Your Property a Top-Notch Septic System

If you're getting started contact us for septic tank installation services in Polson, MT

Getting your new home or shop hooked up to a septic system can be frustrating.

  • Can you hook up to an existing system?
  • Do you need a permit?
  • How much will it cost?
  • Luckily for you, we have heard these questions before and we have the answers!

    Designing your system

    Bonner Contracting LLC will take care of your septic system needs whether it be a new install or alteration to an existing system. We work hand in hand with a top notch Septic System Designer who will take soil samples from a test hole we will dig to determine the best system that will suit your property. Our designer will also take care of applying for your septic system permit.


    We work with lake, missoula, and flathead county environmental health officials to make sure your septic system meets state and federal regulations. Once your permit is issued, we will start the installation process!


    Our designer provides us with professionally drafted, detailed plans so we can get an accurate material list to send to our suppliers. We coordinate with suppliers so we can have some or all of the system dug by the time the materials show up. We assemble all the materials and meet county officials for an inspection. After the inspection, we will carefully backfill the system and a certified electrician will wire the pump and alarm(pressure-dosed system).